Solar panels
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Solar panels in Bromley

Solar panels installed in Bromley

Solar panels are an eco-friendly and cost-effective addition to your home. Our team at McColloch Roofing have turned our expertise with all things roofing to solar panels. Whether you’ve got a domestic or commercial property, our team works across Bromley and southeast London installing solar panels efficiently and effectively. With over three decades of combined experience in the roofing industry, you can trust that we have the skills and expertise to deliver the results you need to a standard you’ll love.

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Expert solar panel installers

We provide a completely comprehensive solar panel installation service. Our team will be at your property taking care of the scaffolding and removing the existing tiles. From there we will install the felt that the panels will sit on. We complete the installation of the solar panels themselves, affixing them to the battens and, putting in the necessary waterproof flashing around them. To connect the panels to your electrical system we engage the services of a fully accredited electrician. Once the panels are installed, we’ll then refit the tiles to the roof, cutting them where necessary so that everything fits together flawlessly.

Solar panel installation: our process


Initial consultation

You’ll receive a consultation with us at no charge. We’ll use this time to learn your exact requirements and how we can best meet them.



Honest quotation

After that first consultation we’ll provide you with a no-obligation free quote, often within 72 hours, with detailed specification of the works.




We will get to work organising the manpower and delivering equipment to your property, keeping you updated about when you can expect everything.



Your solar panels installed

We’ll be on site punctually on the agreed date to begin installing your solar panels. Our team will work respectfully on your property and take photos of our progress throughout the work.




Once the panels are installed, we’ll take down any scaffolding, remove the skip, and leave your property exactly as we found it.


Solar panels in Bromley

The importance of solar panels

Solar panels are an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy costs. You won’t need to rely on big energy companies as much and, when you produce enough power, can even sell energy back to the national grid. This means that your solar panels can pay for themselves over their lifetime, making them a worthwhile investment. Solar panels are a long-lasting way to passively deliver your home energy. They work all year round and can even work when its cloudy, contrary to popular belief. Solar panels are an ideal solution to making your home energy independent and doing your bit to help the planet.

Why choose us for your solar panel installation?


We offer a fully comprehensive solar panel installation service, with each stage organised promptly and work going ahead when we say it will. From the scaffolding to the skip, we arrange everything and ensure that the project proceeds smoothy. We have spent years in in the industry as a registered Bromley Trading Standards company, so you know that you can depend on us for quality work.


Everything we do at McColloch Roofing revolves around quality and integrity. We complete our services to an impeccable standard at a fair and honest There’s no upselling, and we’re always happy to recommend alternative approaches if we know they’ll be better for you. We also have fixed prices so you’ll always know exactly what you should be paying for your solar panel installation.


We are a family run business that knows the ins and outs of local properties. Our knowledge of both the industry and the area enables us to deliver high-quality work that take your home’s unique needs into account. You can trust that your project will be carried out to the highest standard by dedicated professionals to leave you with a long-lasting and effective solar panel installation.


You’ll receive continuous updates throughout the solar panel installation process. These will keep you appraised of our progress and ensure that you are always aware of exactly what we are doing while at your property. You will also receive detailed paperwork sent digitally that will summarises what we are doing so you’ll even have everything in writing.

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Take a look at our reviews and see what you can expect from our team. Many of our happy customers have shared their testimonials about how we’ve been able to help them. You’d be surprised just how many local homeowners have benefitted from our professional roofing services.

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