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When it comes to roof works in Bromley, it can be difficult to determine a price. Whether you are looking for a flat roof repair or pitched roof installation, costs can vary depending on the specific requirements of the works involved. As a team who value honesty, we will always provide a no-obligation quotation free of charge. Our prices are fixed too, so you won’t encounter any hidden costs. Contact us to arrange your roofing quote by calling 020 8776 1693.

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Are you keen to find out what your roofing works could cost? Your no-obligation roofing quote is just a click away. Fill out our contact form, send us an email at info@mccollochroofing.com or give us a call on 020 8776 1693.


What factors determine the cost?

It can be hard to determine a price for your roofing works without first carrying out an initial examination or holding an in-depth consultation with you. In both commercial and residential properties, a variety of factors can determine the cost of your roof works. These include the style of your roof, the materials your roof is made up of and the scope of the works involved. Our pricing is based on material costs, equipment hire such as skips and scaffolding and the time required to complete the job.


Our approach to pricing

With our roofing services, we aim to quote quickly so that you know what to expect from the offset. Our level of experience means that we are able to reliably price a variety of roofing jobs across Bromley and so aim to provide a quotation within 72 hours of our initial consultation. Communication is key in our work and our level of transparency will allow you to understand exactly what our pricing is based on. On occasion we may advise on an alternative approach, such as suggesting a roof replacement over minor roof repairs. This will reflect the fact that, in the long term, this approach will be more cost-effective and will produce more reliable results. Of course, the decision will be entirely yours and our team will follow your preferred approach.

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Our FAQs page is home to the questions we are most commonly asked, along with their answers. If you still can’t find what you are searching for, get in touch! We are here to help.


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