When was the last time you checked your guttering, or even thought about checking it? The condition of your homes guttering shouldn’t be something you second guess, as a decline could lead to various issues which are often costly, or involve the gathering of pests and vermin. To spare you the efforts of repair work to your home and its surrounds, we provide you with the top 5 signs that you should replace your guttering.

  • Cracking or splitting

    If you spot any cracks or splits in your guttering, you shouldn’t ignore them. Damage to the plastic will only worsen over time, and this can lead to leaks down the side of your property.

  • Water overflowing your guttering

    If you notice water dripping over the top of your gutter after a spell of rain, it is a likely sign that there is a blockage either in the gutter itself, or the drainpipe which runs down the side of your property.

  • Water damage around your home

    If water has been left to drip or run down the side of your property due to a damaged gutter, you could expect damage to the perimeter or foundations of your home to take a knock-on effect. This could be in the form of staining, damp or rotting.

  • Sagging gutters

    If you notice a segment of your guttering beginning to sag, this could be due to warping, insufficient support from your gutter hangers or a blockage, all of which would require attention before the gutter falters any further.

  • The presence of bolts, nails or screws

    If you have been finding nails, bolts or screws on the grounds around your home on occasion, the culprit may be an over-worked gutter above you. When your guttering becomes damaged or blocked, it could result in it working itself loose from its structure, losing fastenings along the way.

Of course, some damaged gutters could be handled with a professional repair, but it is always best if you allow a professional to make this judgement. They will be able to advise you on a solution that would be the most cost-effective for you in the long run, rather than providing you with a repair that will only last for a short period of time.

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